SSI: BOD resolution dated October 20, 2021

Monday, 25/10/2021
SSI: BOD resolution dated October 20, 2021

The Board resolution dated October 20, 2021, the Board of Directors of SSI Securities Corporation approved the following issues:

1)      Approving the offering of Covered Warrant in 2022.

2)      Approving the result of stock offering to existing shareholders:

-          Stock name: SSI Securities Corporation

-          Stock type: common share

-          Par value: VND10,000/share

-          Offering volume: 109,550,851 shares

-          Registered volume and payment until October 07, 2021: 106,369,545 shares

-          Unsold shares: 2,782,835 shares

+ Payment time: from October 20, 2021 to 11:00, October 21, 2021

+ These shares will be restricted in 01 year from the ending date of the offering.

+ Bank for blocking depository money:

Account holder: SSI Securities Corporation

Account number: 22210004224012

Bank: BIDV – Thanh Xuan branch.

Theo HSX

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