HBW: HNX Notice: Delisting of stock on UPCoM (HBW)

Friday, 14/05/2021
HBW: HNX Notice: Delisting of stock on UPCoM (HBW)
On 04/06/2021, HNX officially admitted the delisting of (HBW):
  • Name of issuer: Hoa Binh Clear Water Joint Stock Company
  • Stock code: HBW
  • Securities type: common stock
  • Reason for delisting on HNX: No longer qualifies as a public company
  • Total delisted volume: 6,679,289 shares
  • Total delisted par value: VND 66,792,890,000
  • Delisting date: 04/06/2021
  • Last trading day on HNX: 03/06/2021
Theo HNX

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