Monday, 17/08/2015

Dear Valued Customers,

For the best use of VCBS Trading services, the following FAQ would provide valued customers withbasic answers to questions regarding VCBS’s new trading system. Details as follows:

1. How to access VCBS’ trading online services?


Customers could access online trading at VCBS in four (04) ways : online trading via internet access on personal computers, trading application for personal computers, trading application for mobile devices, and online trading via internet access on mobile devices.

To use such utilities, customers must have accounts at VCBS and have passwords for online trading. And most important, customers need to register for online trading on personal computers before using the services for other devices.

2. Can I use the transaction system on smart devices similarly to that on the desktop? As such, can I register the transaction with the new system on smart phone?


In addition to being provided with Internet transaction systems on mobile devices in reduced format to minimize the manipulation at , customers can also use mobile devices to experience the transaction system on the Internet in a similar way with that on personal computers at

As said above, in order to register the transaction with the new system, in case customers are not able to use the transaction system via the internet on personal computers, they can register via mobile device at the above mentioned address:

3. For online trading via internet access on personal computers, which browser I should use?


To use online trading services on personal computers, clients are advised to use the following versions of browsers:

For Internet Explorer: Version 8.0 or higher. Updated versions are available for download at:

For Firefox: Version 10.0 or higher; the latest version is recommended for the best use. Updated versions are available for download at:

For Chrome: Version 10.0 or higher. Updated versions are available for download at:

4. To use online trading via internet access on personal computers (aka Home Trading), configure of my PC should meet which requirements?


VCBS’ current installer is designed for Window operating system. Minimum requirements for the configure of your PC should be as follows:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (support Windows 7 or higher). Update at:


Windows Installer 4.5. Update at:


5. To install the application for smart mobile devices (aka Mobile App Trading), which device I should use?


For smart mobile devices (smart-phones, tablets, etc), VCBS ‘ trading application are available for iOS and Android only. VCBS has yet to provide the application for Window operating systems. As such, customers could install the app for most of popular smart phones like iPhone, Samsung, Sony, etc.

For iOS: from version 6.0 or higher.

For Android: version 4.0 and higher

The latest versions are recommended for the best use.

6. I log into my online trading account to transfer cash from my trading account to my bank account, but the system does not send OTP authentication code to my cell phone. Why?


Since the launch of the new system on 03/08/2015, if this is the first time you access to your securities accounts through one of the online trading platforms provided by VCBS, please log out of your accounts then log in again. This is the principle of information confirmation of VCBS’ new trading system. After your second login, you could proceed with cash transfer and the system will send the OTP authentication code to your cell phone.

7. I am a foreign client, why I cannot log in the new trading system with my user name?


For the new trading system of VCBS, the login has some changes as follows :

Account ID:

- For domestic investors: 009C + the last 06 numbers of your trading accounts

- For foreign investors: 009F + securities trading code provided by VSD

Login password and trading password (Password): stay the same as your current password

8. I have registered to use online Margin service, why I still cannot use?


If customers want to use the Margin service, please come to VCBS’ transaction offices in person to sign the Margin service contract.

Your activation of VCBS’ new online trading system is an indirect way to inform VCBS your demand for products and services, including margin service. You could use Margin service as soon as you sign a Margin contract with VCBS.

9. Why I cannot track my holding when logging in my regular account?


For customers who have signed up to use the service Margin, the default screen of your first login would display your margin accounts.

Customers could have your desired sub-account displayed by choosing the sub account in which your holdings are placed.

10. Which special features VCBS’ new trading system have?


- Friendly and easy-to-use Interface

- Diverse and high security order-placing system

- Full integration of transaction utilities: cash transfer, securities trading, reports, statements, etc.

- Many monitoring and market analysis; modern price board. /.

11. Why do the orders for transactions of 50 million VND and of 20 million VND have the same fees? It appears that transaction fees are not differentiated by the value of transaction. So, what is VCBS’s fee scheme?


In order to accelerate your speed of placing orders, VCBS temporarily freeze your account by the highest level of transaction fee in VCBS’s fee scheme for all types of orders.

At the end of the trading day, VCBS will recalculate your total value of matched transactions within the day and charge the corresponding fee based on the final total value.

For more information, please contact:


Hotline: 04.3936 6990 – Fax: 04. 3936 0262