Wednesday, 05/08/2015

Dear Valued Customers,

Since August 3rd, 2015, VCBS has officially launched a new trading system. VCBS customers now can download the new system and run in Web, Home, Mobile & App (iOS & Android)  by using four methods as follows:

1. Mobile Web:

2. Home Trading:

3. OnlineTrading:

4. Mobile Apps: Customers can download mobile apps on App Store or CH Play.

To work successfully with this new system, your devices must match one of the configuration below:

- Home Trading: requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64) (running Windows 7 or higher, or Windows Installer 4.5 or later).

- Online Trading: minimum requirement Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), Firefox 10.0 [latest updates, please].

- Mobile apps: minimum firmware versions Android 4.0 or iOS 6.0 [latest updates, please].

By launching this new system, both foreign individual and corporate investors need to sign in with a full account number (009F + trading code). For example, instead of using 501234, foreign customer now compellingly signs in 009FIS1234. Your passwords remain unchanged. Please sign in Online Trading at the first time, click red line on the top of screen to register online services again. Then you can use any trading methods above.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by our upgrading period into this new trading system. We do hope that you will experience the best services from VCBS. If you need any assistance, please call (04) 3 936 6990 -Ext: 124, 129, 137 or Email: /

Best Regards,

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